Minerals Local Plan Consultation

Closed 3 Feb 2017

Opened 9 Dec 2016

Feedback updated 5 Feb 2018

We asked

For your views on the soundness and legal compliance of the Minerals Plan during a consultation that ended in early 2017.

You said

That some elements of the plan were unsound and needed to be re-assessed. In particular the overall plan requirement figure for sand and gravel was estimated to be too high based on the most up to date figures. 

We did

Having analysed and assessed the comments from the consultation we have reviewed the overall Plan requirement figures and sought authority from Cabinet to re-consult on the plan with a lower net plan requirement. Policies within the plan have also been amended following the consultation. 

Results updated 2 Oct 2018

A report was presented to Cabinet on 10th October 2017, with a summary of the comments received during the 2016 Publication Consultation of the Minerals Plan. A Sand and Gravel Topic Paper was also presented. It was resolved:

‘that Cabinet request the Joint Managing Director (Communities) to prepare a proposed Minerals Local Plan on the 2017 10 year sales average and to present a further report to enable Cabinet to decide whether to publish the plan for consultation with a view to its submission to the Secretary of State.’

The Warwickshire Minerals Plan (Publication 2018) was presented to Cabinet on 24th July 2018 and Full Council on 26th July 2018. Cabinet was recommended to request that Full Council give authority to submit the Plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination. Before this can take place, the Plan will need to be published to allow communities and other interested parties to make comments on whether the Plan is sound and legally compliant.

Activity   Draft timeline
Publication Plan Consultation            September/October 2018
Closure of Consultation October/November 2018
Submission of Plan Spring 2019
Examination in Public Summer 2019
Inspectors Report Autumn/Winter 2019
Plan Adopted Spring 2020



Warwickshire County Council will be consulting on the next stage of the Minerals Local Plan – the Publication Consultation. 

Why your views matter

The Plan will guide future minerals development for the next 15 years and this is your opportunity to comment on the Publication version before it is finally submitted to the Secretary of State.  The submitted Plan then will be examined by an independent inspector to assess whether the Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Cooperate, legal and procedural requirements, and whether it is sound. 

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What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their views.



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