Birmingham Road Stoneleigh Traffic Management

Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 1 Oct 2018


We would like to share our ideas for Birmingham Road in Stoneleigh and ask for your views.

The ideas have been developed by the transport consultancy Atkins in conjunction with Warwickshire County Council, following the request of Stoneleigh & Ashow Parish Council to reduce the impact of traffic within the village.

Local residents will be asked to vote on a number of options for the Birmingham Road in order to assist the development of a potential future scheme.  A formal consultation will take place if an option is taken forward for development. 

The objective of this engagement exercise is to ascertain whether there is a consensus within the local area to alter the existing highway layout in the village.

Four options have been identified. Indicative drawings are attached below under the related heading to provide further information.

These options are:

Option A:

Do nothing. Birmingham Road Stoneleigh will remain as is.

Option B:  

Closure of Birmingham Road at its junction with the B4115 Ashow Road.

Option C:  

Closure of Birmingham Road at its junction with the B4113 Coventry Road.

Option D:  

Other suggestion



  • Ward: Stoneleigh & Cubbington Ward


  • Anyone from any background


  • Roads and travel
  • Community safety and crime
  • Communities