Warwickshire Education Strategy Feedback

Closed 3 Apr 2020

Opened 12 Mar 2020


The Warwickshire Education Strategy 2018-2023 seeks to improve educational outcomes, and therefore the life chances, of learners of all ages in Warwickshire.

This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to give us your views on the strategy; its overall approach, how it has been implemented and the communication of progress, as we look to referesh the strategy over the easter period to ensure that it acheives the best outcomes for our learners.

Our ambition is to ensure that the Warwickshire Education system deploys a sector led approach that empowers local education leaders to shape and develop this strategy with the county council a facilitator of change and a ‘supporting actor’.

We want to hear from parents, young people, education professionals and partner organisations, as together, we make a positive difference to the lives of learners in Warwickshire.


Before completing the questionnaire, we advise you visit our website for information about the strategy and the latest progress updates.


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