Concessionary Travel Review Consultation

Closed 4 Aug 2017

Opened 12 Jun 2017

Results Updated 4 Sep 2018

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to this consultation. The review was considered at a Cabinet meeting on November 9th 2017 where it was agreed that Warwickshire County Council’s concessionary travel scheme will be extended for another five years. For more information please see Warwickshire News.

You can read the Cabinet report here.


We are currently undertaking a review of the concessionary travel scheme within Warwickshire. We have put together a survey to collect information about how people use their bus pass, and to collect any comments people may have about the current scheme.

Please read the information below, then complete the survey.

Why We Are Consulting

Introduction to the scheme

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) operates the England National Concessionary Travel Scheme on behalf of central government for Warwickshire residents. This provides free off-peak bus travel across England for eligible residents who qualify because of age or because of a qualifying disability.

An eligible resident is a resident of Warwickshire who qualifies because of their age or because they have a specified disability. The eligibility criteria are set by central government and we have no powers to change these.

Off peak means from 9.30am until 11pm on weekdays and all day at weekends and on public holidays.

Bus companies are reimbursed for every journey made by a pass holder, so that they are no better off and no worse off than they would be if the scheme did not exist. The money for travel under the national scheme is provided by central government.

Free bus travel for Warwickshire residents

For those Warwickshire residents who are not yet eligible because of their age, but who have a qualifying disability, we will issue a Disabled Person’s Pass. Once a Disabled Person’s Pass holder reaches the eligible age they will be issued with an Older Person’s Pass, and will no longer need to provide evidence of their disability.

The entitlement to travel for someone with an Older Person’s Pass are the same as those for a Disabled Person’s Pass. The only differences are in the design of the pass, and the type of evidence which must be provided.

Residents need to apply to WCC for a pass – they are not issued automatically.

Existing passholders will need to ask us to renew their pass when it expires – we do not send out new passes automatically.

Free travel is also provided for WCC passholders on local journeys (starting in Warwickshire) earlier and later on weekdays than the national scheme

  • from  9.00am on weekdays, and
  • until midnight on weekdays,

This additional travel time is funded by WCC.

The service was last reviewed in 2012 and so we are undertaking a new review to find out how our customers use their bus passes and help us to decide whether we should consider changing the current discretionary elements of the scheme.

It is open to WCC to provide greater, lesser, or different discretionary elements. Public consultations carried out in 2010 and 2012 led to a 9am start time being retained across the County as it offered the greatest benefit to the greatest number of residents.

Although some other areas offer different discretionary enhancements, such as rail travel, companion passes or all day travel, many authorities provide nothing other than the basic entitlement. In Warwickshire, the 9.00am start time has been funded but there has not been sufficient funding available to allow for any additional enhancements.

The Survey

Click HERE to take part in the online survey.

What Happens Next

This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their views.


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