Your thoughts on a Nature Recovery Strategy for Warwickshire

Closes 8 Sep 2024

Opened 6 Jul 2024


The Government has asked Warwickshire County Council to prepare a Warwickshire Local Nature Recovery Strategy. This strategy is to be produced by taking the views from all those that benefit from or impact on nature. That is every business, every organisation and every resident.

Through a detailed habitat mapping initiative across Warwickshire, we have identified existing valuable ecological areas and locations with potential for biodiversity enhancement. This aligns with the vision of Lawton's "Making Space for Nature" report, which calls for the creation of  'more, bigger, better and connected' wild spaces.  To explore this initiative further, a dedicated map is available which shows existing designated areas like Local Wildlife Sites and identifies potential areas for enhancing connectivity between these crucial habitats. Click on this link to view the map. (This will open in a new window).

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Why your views matter

When we asked people about our Sustainable Future Strategy, biodiversity was the top concern, with 90% of respondents indicating that "Improving the richness and diversity of Warwickshire's habitats, wildlife and landscapes" is very important or important to them.

This survey is your chance to share your thoughts and ideas more specifically as we develop a Local Nature Recovery Strategy. Please share your views on how we can best protect and improve Warwickshire's natural environment.

How to take part

There are several ways you can share your thoughts on the Local Nature Recovery Strategy, whether you prefer to participate individually or as part of a group:

Online Survey: Take our online survey by clicking the link below. It's the quickest and easiest way to contribute your ideas.

Paper Survey: If you prefer a paper copy or need a specific format or language, you can request this by via email ( or telephone (01926 418060).

Written Response: Please send your response directly in writing by email to or by post to: 
Hattie Fuller
Warwickshire County Council

Shire Hall post room
Rear of Shire Hall
Northgate Street
CV34 4RL

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