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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

We asked for your comments on the proposal to provide additional places for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) at Exhall Grange School and Science College

You Said

Total written responses received: 11

Further details are in the results section of this consultation and in the report submitted to Cabinet 24th July 2018 Link to report

We Did

The School Organisation Team looked at all of the comments and produced a summary of responses.  All redacted comments were sent to Cabinet (the decision maker) for their consideration.

This proposal was approved on 24th July 2018 by Cabinet.


We Asked

We asked for your feedback on the draft Warwickshire Education Strategy 2018-2023 and the priorities outlined within it.

You Said

As a co-produced strategy there was a lot of feedback received through various channels. The key themes are highlighted below. For more detailed information please see the 'You said, We did' section of the Cabinet report and the appended Consultation Analysis report available in the results section of the main consultation page.

You told us:

  • 'Best possible start in life' is too broad and might not make a tangible difference.
  • We should have a broad, empowering and creative curriculum for all learners, not just vulnerable learners.
  • People want a short strategy that can be utilised in daily working life.
  • People want a kite mark for educational settings who are committed to providing a wider curriculum.

We Did

We changed Best possible start in life to’ to Champion the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS). There is now a focus on coordinating high quality EYFS training and helping parents to provide a language rich home learning environment.

WE2 now looks at all learners before focusing in on the most vulnerable in the WE2 sub sections.

We have produced a one page booklet with the highlights. People can read more if they wish through the suite of underpinning documents.

We are going to create an App to celebrate the success of Warwickshire schools in WE1,2,3,and 4.

The wording was changed significantly following consultation; many small details were also changed as a result of feedback, for example we changed the 'strapline' , we changed references from 'pupils' to 'children', we removed 'Ofsted language', and many other updates. Reference Groups of headteachers considered the final wording and made further changes for clarity.

The strategy has been approved at Cabinet and is subject to approval from full Council on 26th July. The Strategy will be implemented from September 2018. The full Cabinet report and associated documents are available in the results section of the main consultation page.

We Asked

The Council proposed several changes to its existing home to school transport policy. These changes were designed to bring consistency, to unify mainstream and special needs transport, and to help manage the overall home to school transport budget.

As part of the process there was an extensive consultation with all interested parties, to which there were nearly one thousand responses.

You Said

Whilst there were mixed responses to all proposals, there were two main areas of concern.

There were significant objections to the 'safer walking routes' proposal.  This was not a policy change - having been previously agreed - but rather agreement on the implementation of the proposals to re-classify some walking routes that had previously been designated as unsafe to walk. 

Also, there were challenges regarding some of the proposed changes to transport for learners post 19 with special needs.

We Did

The initial proposals, in advance of consultation, were taken to Scrutiny in September 2017.  Subsequent to completion of consultation, the draft paper was taken again to Scrutiny in January this year in advance of going to Cabinet.

Following the responses to the safer walking routes proposal in the consultation, Scrutiny proposed that this proposal was removed from the paper.  This was endorsed by Cabinet.

The paper for Cabinet proposed six policy changes.  Although there were some objections to these policy changes, they were accepted by Scrutiny and voted through by Cabinet.  The new policy is now available on the webpage for this consultation and on the school and college travel webpages

The council has committed to continuing dialogue with partners regarding the 19-25 proposal to ensure that transport is not a barrier to the provision of education