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Open consultations

  • Consultation on Parent Carer Support Pathway

    Warwickshire County Council has a duty to ensure the needs of Parent Carers with a disabled child, are assessed and supported. If you are a parent carer of a child (0-18) with a disability and have parental responsibility, you have the right to request a parent carer needs assessment and... More

    Closes 9 February 2020

Open engagement activities

  • Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Professionals Survey

    Every few years, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and partners carry out Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) to establish the health and social care needs of the Warwickshire population. The JSNA is a really useful tool which is accessed both by teams within the county council... More

    Closes 29 February 2020

  • Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Residents Survey

    To establish a picture of the health and wellbeing of the Warwickshire population, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and partners carry out Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) every few years. The assessment is used to inform the planning and delivery of services and support, it can... More

    Closes 29 February 2020

Closed consultations and other activities

  • Voluntary and Community Sector Delivery Plan

    Warwickshire is fortunate to have a strong and vibrant Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). Over the years, Warwickshire County Council has invested significant resources into developing its relationships with the VCS and working with it to achieve Warwickshire County Council's strategic... More

    Closed 15 December 2019

  • Council Plan 2025 - Engagement questionnaire

    As a county council we want Warwickshire to be the best it can be, sustainable now and for future generations. Our county, with its vibrant mix of towns and rural areas, heritage and culture, businesses of all sizes and great connectivity is brimming with opportunities, but our... More

    Closed 20 October 2019

  • Warwickshire Cyber Crime Survey 2019

    Welcome to the third Warwickshire cyber crime survey, carried out by Warwickshire County Council in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The last survey, conducted in 2017, found that an estimated £8,848,300 had been lost by Warwickshire adults as a result of... More

    Closed 30 September 2019

  • Consultation on proposed changes to on-street parking

    Warwickshire County Council Parking Management is carrying out a consultation on proposed changes to on-street parking. This consultation covers the cost of residents permits and how permitting will be managed in the future. More

    Closed 22 September 2019

  • Consultation on draft Warwickshire Rail Strategy 2019-2034

    Rail services in Warwickshire make a significant contribution to the local economy, business and local communities, helping to make Warwickshire an attractive place in which to live and work. The County Council has an excellent track record in delivering rail infrastructure and helping to... More

    Closed 20 September 2019