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  • Domestic Abuse and the Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Accommodation and Support Service - Residents Survey

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this. Warwickshire County Council is in the process of refreshing its Safe Accommodation Needs Assessment and Strategy for 2024-27. We are reaching out to as many Warwickshire residents as we can so that we can better understand victim-survivors' experiences of domestic abuse and of accessing support across the county. The Warwickshire Domestic Violence and Abuse Service (WDVA) is provided by Refuge. The... More
    Opened 4 April 2024
  • Voice of Warwickshire - panel member registration 2024

    Recruitment for our residents' panel 'Voice of Warwickshire' is open. As a panel member you will have the opportunity to share your views on big issues in Warwickshire, like health and wellbeing, climate change and sustainability, community safety, education, transport, economic growth, inequalities and inclusion, and more. If you take part, you will be helping us to deliver the Council Plan and contribute to the development of policies and strategies by sharing your views on... More
    Opened 6 March 2024
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