Adult Healthier Lifestyles - Health and Lifestyle Professionals Survey

Closed 8 May 2022

Opened 2 Apr 2022


Warwickshire County Council (WCC) currently has contracts for several physical health services, and these will be ending in 2023. The intention of WCC is to design a new combined service focused on improving physical health. The main purpose of the new service will be to support and encourage residents to achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing by making healthy lifestyle choices.  

A combined Physical Health service aims to improve Warwickshire residents’ health and wellbeing by providing them with advice and support to help them make healthy lifestyle changes and support them with making healthier decisions. This would be related to physical activity, weight management, stop smoking and health checks taking place in General Practices and Pharmacies, and places in the community. We aim to encourage and support residents to be healthier in order to prevent and or reduce the risk of developing long term health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.  

About the services 

  • Adult Weight Management on Referral - This service provides a free 12-week programme of weight management support to adults aged 16+. This service is currently delivered by Slimming World and Everyone Health.  

  •  Physical Activity on Referral - This service provides a tailored 12-week programme of physical activity within a leisure centre setting. The service is for those with specific health conditions. For more information, please see:  

  • NHS Health Checks – The NHS Health Check is a prevention programme which aims to reduce the chance of a heart attack, stroke or developing some forms of dementia in people aged 40-74. Eligible Warwickshire residents are invited to a GP NHS Health Check every five years. For more information, please see:  

  • Stop Smoking – This service provides advice, support and encouragement to help improve an individual's chances of quitting. This service is delivered in certain General Practices, Pharmacies and community providers. 

Why your views matter

WCC is proposing to design a combined integrated physical health service so that we have a whole person approach to support our residents who may have multiple health risks. We also want to improve access to our services so that residents only have to go to one place or call one number to receive support. This is sometimes called a ‘one stop shop’.  

The proposed new service will provide accessible information and behavioural support services, for the three lifestyle behaviours that have the greatest impact on health and wellbeing. These are smoking, not being active enough and having an unhealthy diet.  

To help WCC to understand the needs of Warwickshire residents and health professionals we would value your views and would appreciate it if you could complete the following questionnaire. It is very important to us that the services we provide meet your needs and we want to hear your views as a Warwickshire health professional. 

How to take part 

  • Click on the link below to complete the survey online. 

  • If you would like a paper copy of the survey or need it in an alternative format such as Easy Read, please contact us by phone on 01926 476687 or email 


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