Consultation on draft Local Transport Plan (LTP4)

Closed 20 Nov 2022

Opened 24 Sep 2022

Feedback updated 28 Jul 2023

We asked

Our new local transport plan, LTP4, and supporting information were consulted upon for eight weeks from 24 Sep to 20 Nov. The consultation was open to all interested parties.

This followed a previous round of consultation in 2021 on the key themes of Environment, Well-being, Economy and Place which provided the foundation for the development of LTP4.

Running in parallel with the consultations a Citizens Panel was engaged in the evaluation and assessment of LTP4 throughout most of its development.

You said

Just over 300 responses were received on the consultation on the draft LTP4 and these, together with the views of the Citizens Panel, a representative group of 30 Warwickshire residents, have shaped the production of the LTP document.

There has been broad overall support for the key themes of the new LTP: environment, well-being, economy and place. Respondents have placed particular emphasis on wishing to see the new Plan deliver environmental and personal well-being benefits through a range of transport interventions.

Click here to read the full consultation analysis report.

Key themes that emerged from the consultation processes included:

  • improving active travel facilities for walking and cycling to support active lifestyles
  • general improvements in/encouragement to use sustainable (public) transport
  • planning to reduce the reliance on private cars and to enable electrification where possible
  • concerns around the pressures of housing developments and/or increasing populations on the existing transportation network(s)
  • clear and measurable action plan(s) to implement strategies and methods for monitoring progress (success and/or failures)
  • current frustration around implementation and time taken to see progress importance of consultation, engagement and communication with residents and stakeholders throughout the process

We did

The views of the consultation and the Citizens Panel have informed the development of the final LTP4 document.

In response to feedback, next steps are to deliver on the strategic aims of LTP4 through the development of action and monitoring plans. These will provide greater detail both on individual schemes and more general transport interventions. Annual monitoring and reporting will provide evidence of delivery of the new Plan’s overall aim which is to decarbonise transport and provide a modern, sustainable transport network.

To read all the LTP4 related documents considered at Full Council on 25 July 2023 please click here.

Results updated 27 Jul 2023

Following the consultation period all the responses were analysed and used to further update the Local Transport Plan refresh (LTP4).

Warwickshire County Council Cabinet considered the feedback from the various consultation exercises that took place during the evolution of LTP4 and scrutinised the Plan itself at the meeting on June 15th.

Please click on this link to view the Cabinet meeting papers relating to the LTP including the Consultation Analysis Report. To view the full agenda for the meeting including links to access the video webcast please click here.

The LTP was further considered by Council on 25 July. The decision was that Council adopts the Local Transport Plan for Warwickshire (LTP4) and will adopt the guiding principles of the Transport Hierarchy set out in LTP4 within the Council’s Design Guide and project lifecycle documents to embed and demonstrate the application of those principles across our transport infrastructure projects.

To view the papers considered at the Council meeting, minutes and webcast of the meeting click on this link.


Your thoughts are important

Warwickshire County Council is in the process of updating the current Local Transport Plan (LTP), which is a document that sets out the transport needs, challenges, objectives and priorities for the County.  

An LTP sets out policies to shape future transport schemes and developments within the County. It allows us, as the County Council, to target resources to deliver a transport network that gives people who live and work in Warwickshire access to the facilities they need to go about their daily lives, along with those who visit the area.

Our current local transport plan (LTP3) was intended to run from 2011 to 2026, but we want to update it. Major changes to the way we move, work, shop and carry out leisure activities mean we will have to adapt and change if we are to provide a modern transport system for Warwickshire. 

Significant global developments also affect Warwickshire and we need to acknowledge and respond to transport challenges brought about by climate change, lifestyle changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and emerging new transport technologies. 

Previously we have consulted on the direction that our new Plan (LTP4) should take. You told us that the four key themes we identified in September 2021 were the right ones, and that these should underpin all that we do in our new Plan. The four themes were Environment, Well-being, Economy and Place

Click on the video below to find out what our Citizens' Panel thought about the four themes.



The draft LTP4

We have a proposed Core Strategy which shows how the four key themes link into the wider aims of Warwickshire County Council taken from our Council Plan. These aims are: 

  • Thriving Economy and Places – the right jobs, training, future skills, education, infrastructure and places  
  • Best Lives - communities and individuals supported to live safely, healthily, happily and independently  
  • Sustainable Futures - adapting to and mitigating climate change and meeting Net Zero commitments   

We have six proposed Key Strategies that together make up LTP4. The key strategies are:

  1. Active Travel: a strategy to promote walking and cycling in Warwickshire to bring the physical and mental health benefits from these forms of transport to more people and protect the environment.
  2. Public Transport: how we intend to work with bus and rail companies to improve the existing public transport network in Warwickshire.
  3. Motor Vehicles: recognising the role of motor vehicles in the county as we move towards more sustainable transport options such as electric vehicles and hydrogen-fueled transport.
  4. Managing Space: making changes to public spaces to make them more attractive places to be, cleaner and less dominated by vehicles, with the routes that connect them less congested.
  5. Safer Travel: reducing the number of people injured on Warwickshire’s roads and increasing the safety and attractiveness of all travel options.
  6. Freight Strategy: managing freight movements across the county to promote and grow our successful economy.

We are asking for your views and feedback on the proposed core strategy and the six proposed key strategies. Even if you only have views on one strategy your thoughts on this are still important - please feel free to answer just the questions you want to focus on.

We have provided links and supporting documents at the bottom of this page to help you consider your response. Copies of the strategies are also provided for reference in the survey itself. 

Why your views matter

We will consider all the information from this consultation as we decide whether to formally adopt our new Local Transport Plan 4. Your feedback will help us determine whether this transport plan represents the views of the local community and wider stakeholders so please share your thoughts even if you only wish to comment on a small part.  

How to have your say 

  • Complete our online survey by clicking on the link below. 

  • Request a paper copy or the survey in an alternative format or language by telephone (01926 410 410) or email (

  • Feed back to us directly by email ( or by writing to:  Local Transport Plan 4 consultation, Transport Planning, Warwickshire County Council, Shire Hall, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4SX. 

What happens next

This consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute. Feedback will be analysed and considered as we more forward with finalising the LTP4. Please check back on this webpage for further updates or get in touch using the contact details provided here.


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