Warwickshire SEND information, advice and support services

Closed 29 Sep 2017

Opened 8 Aug 2017

Results updated 27 Feb 2018

Summary of findings from Special Educational Needs and /or Disability Information Advice and Support Service Engagement Work

The survey aimed to understand how people currently use the service and also what was important for them going forward. We felt this would help inform current provision and also any future service redesign as we re-tender the service in 2018. The survey was open from the 8th August to the 29 September 2017. In total we had 94 respondents. This included 2 young people, 30 parent carers, 38 professionals and 24 people who chose not to share their status. In addition we also attend a youth project for young people with SEND aged over 10 years. This involved one to one interviews with seven young people. The recommendations included: service customers views are used to informs the development of the service specification and evaluation for tendering in February 2018; the engagement report would be shared as part of the tendering process and with the current provider and . Warwickshire County Council should consider the training needs of schools/colleges around the SEND agenda. These recommendations are being considered by the SEND Programme Local Offer group. Members of the group include parent /carers and professionals working with children with SEND.



Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Information, Advice and Support. This independent service is also known as SENDIAS in Warwickshire. It used to be called Parent Partnership.

Why your views matter

Warwickshire County Council is looking to re-tender these services after four years. We want to look at what works well and what could be done differently in the future. We want your help with this so we tender for the best services to meet the changing needs of children and young people with SEND and their families.

We have valuable feedback from people who use SENDIAS currently. However we want to find out what you think and feel is important for the next four years. This includes people who don’t use SENDIAS services at the moment.

What happens next

This Consultation is now closed. 
Thank you to everyone who took the time to give their views.


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