Active Travel Survey

Closed 15 Jun 2022

Opened 25 May 2022


Can you share your travel habits to inform a new public-facing campaign from Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety and Active Travel Team?

During the pandemic, and particularly during the three lockdown periods, multiple studies have shown that across the UK more people than ever before began adopting active travel: Walking, running, cycling or scooting.

This had a number of very positive benefits:

  • Better health outcomes for residents by providing them with a daily source of physical exercise;
  • Reducing the number of cars on the roads which in turn reduced overall congestion and the opportunities for road traffic accidents; and
  • Significantly contributed to reducing Warwickshire’s overall carbon footprint.

Why your views matter

Since the end of the last formal lockdown, there has been evidence to suggest that these positive travel trends have been reversing and many residents have been returning to less active modes of transport for short journeys.

To inform a new behaviour chance campaign, Warwickshire County Council are keen to find out: 

  • The types of travel that people make during an average week;
  • People's attitudes towards walking and cycling; and
  • Feedback on what could be done to encourage more active travel. 


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Roads and travel
  • Transport and economy
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