"Voices of Tomorrow" Youth Conference

Closed 3 Nov 2023

Opened 18 Sep 2023


We invite everyone to join us in supporting the "Voices of Tomorrow" youth conference.  

This event organised by young people, for young people, will offer a friendly and empowering environment where young people (aged between 11 and 17, up to 25 for SEND) and local organisations will come together to amplify the voices of tomorrow to help shape the county.

Hosted at Warwick University's Panorama Suites on Friday November 3, 2023, this conference offers workshops, discussions, and fun activities like digital graffiti art and games.

By spreading the word, you can play a vital role in empowering our youth to make a positive impact on our county's future. Let's work together to ensure the voices of tomorrow are heard and valued.


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