Education Strategy 2024-2030

Closed 30 Jul 2023

Opened 15 Jun 2023

Results updated 15 Apr 2024

The Education Strategy is due to be considered by Warwickshire County Council's Cabinet on 11 April 2024Click on this link to view the agenda and papers for this meeting.

Update: The Warwickshire Education Strategy for 2024-2029 was endorsed by councillors at the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 11 April. It will now go forward to full Council for approval. To read more click on this link.


The Education Strategy sets out how Warwickshire County Council will work with learners (children, young people and adults), their educators, parents and carers, communities, and other agencies to ensure all learners can reach their full potential. We are currently reviewing the existing strategy, and would like to get your views on whether our proposed principles and priorities are the right ones to include within the refreshed strategy. 

The development of the Education Strategy 2024-2030

Education helps children, young people and adult learners to have their best start. So, it is important for Warwickshire County Council to clearly identify the Principles and Priorities that will shape its Education Strategy in Warwickshire from 2024.

Our councillors and officers have been engaging with educators, parents and young people about these and the purpose of this survey is to hear the views of Warwickshire residents with an interest in education.

Supporting information

The following supporting information is available to assist you in responding to this survey (please see links to these documents at the bottom of this webpage):

  • Warwickshire Children and Young People Strategy 2021-2030
  • Education Strategy Priorities and Principles Descriptors
  • More information about the Education Strategy
  • Warwickshire Education Strategy 2018 to 2023

How to have your say 

You can put forward your views either individually or as part of a group in the following ways: 

  • Complete our online survey by clicking on the link below.
  • You can request a paper copy or the survey in an alternative format or language by email ( or by telephone (01926 410410).
  • You can also respond directly in writing to: Warwickshire County Council, Education Services, Shire Hall, Market Place, Warwick, CV34 4RL or by emailing 

What will happen with all the information gathered? 

We will consider your views on our Principles and Priorities as we develop our Education Strategy.

 A key part of the strategy will be the development of a delivery plan which will identify how the strategy will be delivered, the timescales involved and the intended outcomes. Once we have finished our engagement on our priorities/principles and the strategy has been published – the development of this delivery plan will begin.  The final approved strategy will be available to view on Warwickshire's Strategies, Policies, and Legislation webpages.

What happens next

This survey has now closed. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views with us. All views will be considered to define our strategy document throughout the end of 2023. Following this, the council's elected members will have opportunity to scrutinise and make recommendations in February 2024. A link to reports will be provided on this webpage when published.

It is intended that following approval by council, the new Education Strategy will be launched in March 2024.


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