Empowering Futures JSNA Survey - Supporting children and young people with their physical health

Closed 31 Jan 2024

Opened 6 Dec 2023


We want to hear from you if you work or volunteer with children and young people. 

We want to know how you feel about talking to children and young people (aged 5-18) about their physical health, your knowledge and experience of services, and what would help you support them.  

As well as broader public health priorities and activities, we aim for this survey to specifically inform: 

  • The Empowering Futures: Growing Up Well in Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). This JSNA seeks to understand the physical health needs of children and young people in Warwickshire.  

  • The Children and Young People Making Every Contact Count (MECC) offer. The children and young people MECC is being developed to support professionals to have strengths based conversations with the children and young people they support.  

Physical health in children and young people can include: 

  • Oral health 

  • Healthy lifestyles (weight, nutrition, physical activity) 

  • Sexual health 

  • Alcohol, drugs, smoking and vaping 

  • Adolescence and teenage health (puberty, hygiene, self-care) 

  • Toileting, sleeping, and eating 

  • Long-term conditions (e.g. chronic illnesses, asthma, diabetes, eczema, allergies, bladder and bowel conditions) 

  • Short-term conditions (e.g. acute illnesses, infections, injuries)  

You can put forward your views either individually or as part of a group in the following ways:  

  • Complete our online survey by clicking on the link below.

  • Request this survey in an alternative format by calling 01926 731484 or emailing phadmin@warwickshire.gov.uk


  • Any area


  • Black and minority ethnic people
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual people, Transgender people (LGBT)
  • Carers
  • Parents
  • Adults
  • Older people
  • People with disabilities
  • People with long term conditions
  • Local residents
  • Volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Community Groups
  • Voluntary and third sector organisations
  • Partners
  • Providers
  • Businesses
  • Faith groups
  • Employees
  • Specialist staff
  • Suppliers
  • Commissioners
  • Professionals and professional bodies
  • Elected members


  • Engagement and surveys