Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Service and Support - Survey for People Awaiting an ASD /ADHD Diagnosis and their Parents / Carers (Residing in Coventry and Warwickshire)

Closed 12 Mar 2023

Opened 9 Feb 2023


Health and local authority care services are working together for Coventry and Warwickshire to address waiting times for a neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessment (Autism, and/or ADHD). This includes finding ways to reduce waiting times for an assessment and improve the support available to people who are waiting for an assessment.

We are seeking the views of people awaiting a neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessment, as well as those of their families and carers to help us understand what works well and what needs to be improved in relation to the assessment process and support received whilst on the waiting list.

The purpose of the survey is to understand more about:

  • the reasons why you or your family member are seeking a diagnosis;  
  • what support would help you or your family member now while you are awaiting an assessment; and
  • your experience of support and services you have accessed and whether these have been person centred and effective.

The following survey is for individuals who are waiting for  a neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessment, and their parents / carers only.

A separate survey is also available for professional's responses. Click here.

What happens next

This survey has now closed. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views with us. All feedback is now being considered and will inform our thinking.


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