Getting West Nuneaton Moving: Bermuda Connection

Closed 18 Jun 2018

Opened 15 May 2018

Feedback Updated 20 Sep 2018

We Asked

The purpose of the consultation was the following:

  • To update the local community on the current Scheme following the completion of the detailed design stage; and
  • To collect comments and other feedback from respondents for inclusion in reports to WCC Members.

This consultation was held during a 5 week period (Tuesday 15 May 2018 – Monday 18 June 2018) seeking to engage with local residents in and around West Nuneaton, who were given an opportunity to participate in the consultation through the measures:

  • Distribution of a consultation pamphlet;
  • Online ‘Ask Warwickshire’ web pages; and
  • Online Bermuda Connection Scheme web page.

You Said

The following items were submitted during the consultation:-

  • 333 survey forms all submitted online;
  • 29 e-mails regarding the Scheme;
  • 2 written letters of objection; and
  • 15 Information Requests regarding the Scheme.

The key themes expressed by respondents concerned the following:

  • Detrimental impacts on local residents;
  • Detrimental impacts on the local area;
  • Concerns about the design of the Scheme;
  • Concerns relating to the overall Scheme; and
  • Concerns about the consultation process.

The key outcomes of the consultation are as follows:

  • 65% of the respondents either completely agreed or partly agreed that traffic congestion in West Nuneaton cause problems in their day to day activities; however
  • 64% of the respondents do not support the proposed new highway link via Bermuda Bridge.

The outcome of the consultation reinforces the strong level of opposition towards the Scheme from local residents, who primarily live in the area where the Scheme is situated.  This is a similar outcome to the original consultation carried out during the preliminary design stage in 2015.

A copy of the full consultation report is available using the link from results section of the Ask Warwickshire consultation page.

We Did

Minor modifications were made to the Bermuda Connection Scheme arising from the consultation responses.

The outcomes of the consultation were included in reports to WCC Cabinet and the County Council to be considered at their meetings in late July 2018. These reports are available using the links on the main Ask Warwickshire consultation page.

Both WCC Cabinet and the County Council endorsed the progression of the Scheme, including the addition of £4.198million to the Capital Programme from the Capital Investment Fund to deliver Bermuda Connectivity at a cost of £8.900million.

The scheme webpage will be kept updated with developments. There is also a link on this page to subscribe to updates direct by email.  Go to

Results Updated 20 Sep 2018

A report was considered by Warwickshire County Council Cabinet on July 24th. Cabinet approved the Bermuda Connectivity Scheme proposed in the report including modifications. The report considered by Cabinet, background papers (including the consultation report) and minutes of this meeting can be seen using the links below.

Warwickshire County Council considered and approved a report on expenditure approval for the scheme on July 26th. The report considered by Council is available using the link below.

Stay updated on this scheme.

The scheme webpage ( will be kept updated with developments. You can also subscribe to receive updates via email.



Image of Bermuda Bridge  Traffic under Bermuda Bridge
This Scheme focuses on delivering additional highway capacity and improved connectivity through the creation of a new 1.3 mile highway link between West Nuneaton and Griff Roundabout by opening the existing Bermuda Bridge over the A444. The bridge was constructed in 1974 and designed to accommodate two-way traffic flow but currently only pedestrians and cyclists can access it.
The original version of this Scheme was put forward in Summer 2014 and received £3.702 million to start design concepts. It was agreed that there would be full consultation on the details of the proposals before any final decision on whether or not to implement the Scheme was taken.
The preliminary design proposals were consulted on in 2015 and outcomes reported to Warwickshire County Council Cabinet in November 2015.  Cabinet endorsed the Scheme being progressed to detailed design stage based on Option 1 which was the subject of the consultation, i.e. a Scheme including a wide range of additional components aimed at mitigating the impact on affected local residents. The 2015 consultation and associated reports are available via a link below.

Why We Are Consulting

The detailed design stage identified that Option 1 would be cost-prohibitive and revisions were carried out to the Scheme. It is now closer to Option 2 in the November 2015 Cabinet Report, i.e. improving and opening Bermuda Bridge but less mitigation for local impacts along the route. Further details are available in the Information Leaflet and supporting documents at the bottom of this webpage. Please also see the Scheme website:  
Printed copies of the Information Leaflet are also available at Nuneaton Town Hall.
Due to the changes made we are consulting on details of the updated Scheme. Comments are welcome from anyone including local residents, road users, local businesses and stakeholders in the wider West Nuneaton area.
How to take part in this consultation
Please complete the online survey below.
You can request a paper copy or alternative version of this survey from Customer Services on 01926 410410 or by emailing
You can also respond in writing:
  • EMail:
  • Postal address: Bermuda Connection, Transport & Economy, Communities Group, PO Box 43, Barrack Street, Warwick CV34 4SX

What happens next

The key outcomes will be reported to Warwickshire County Council Cabinet and full Council in July 2018 and a decision will be made on whether or not the Scheme is to be implemented.

What Happens Next

This consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views.


  • Any area
  • District: Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough
  • Ward: Arbury Ward
  • Ward: Camp Hill Ward
  • Ward: Galley Common Ward
  • Ward: Hartshill Ward


  • Anyone from any background
  • Local residents
  • Businesses


  • Roads and travel
  • Transport and economy