Restorative Learning Audits - Front Door

Closes 14 Feb 2025

Outcome Focused SMART plans and multi-agency working

Outcome focused SMART plans

Please explain the rationale for the judgement

Consider if:

  • Plans are up to date, comprehensive, with measurable outcomes underpinned by an understanding of what is keeping the situation going
  • Plans have quality management oversight, influenced by the views of children and young people and their family
  • Actions have clear timescales attached
  • Plans include clear contingencies
  • Plans should be updated in line with the needs of the family and their circumstances

Multi-agency working

Consider if:

  • Evidence of Multi-Agency working results in effective planning for children
  • Sought to engage relevant partners in the plan and has escalated where required
  • Gathering of information is timely and proportionate
  • Meetings and reviews are timely, with the appropriate sharing of information and delegated responsibility
  • There is robust scrutiny and challenge of plans
  • The right people are at meetings, providing the right support, with effective partnership challenge when this is not happening

Working with wider family networks

Consider if:

  • Parents and family are appropriately involved in all key processes (including non- resident parent)
  • Their views are considered in decisions, support and practice