Restorative Learning Audits - Front Door

Closes 14 Feb 2025

Recording, chronologies, management oversight and supervision

Recording - child's information

Please explain the rationale for the judgement

Person summary screen is correct and update to include:

  • Basic information and biographics (ethnicity, disability, addresses etc)
  • Personal, professional, organisational & allocation
  • Networks
  • Genogram
  • Service User Groups

Recording shows evidence of:

  • Jargon free language & usability
  • The use of professional assessment of recording
  • ESCR and Mosaic usage
  • MAC is uploaded to ESCR
Chronology - child's journey / carer's story

Please explain the rationale for the judgement 

Childs Journey/ Carers Journey is:

  • Child’s Story/ Carers Journey has been started within the Front Door for all referrals progressing to a C&F assessment
  • Up to date
  • Contains significant events, themes and is impact based
  • Recorded on the “Child’s Story/Carer’s Journey” form within Mosaic with evidence of “analytical overview”
Management Oversight and Supervision

Please explain the rationale for the judgement

  • There is clear evidence of management oversight at the time of assigning
  • There is evidence that all contacts have been reviewed, RAG rated and authorised by a manager
  • If progressed to MASH or Early Help, there is clear management oversight upon receipt and at the time the contact and referral is authorised.
  • If the contact and referral has been authorised outside of timescales (1 working days for Triage and 3 working days for EH and MASH), there a clear management rationale as to the reasons for the delay
  • The due date of the contact is clearly specified in the contact and referral
  • There is evidence of high-quality analysis, support, challenge and steer when signing off referrals, assessments and plans/reviews by the manager. Any actions should have clear timescales attached.
  • In line with child's status and teams agreed supervision policy and at key events, when assessments, plans/reviews and key documents are signed off
  • Plans are reviewed and there is evidence of management steer and QA of their plan on file
  • Timely and regular, reflective and analytical 
  • History, present, future, barriers to change, the child’s voice, actions have clear outcome and timeframes and reviews at subsequent supervision to understand the impact of support
Where there are concerns around child exploitation, has the risk been captured and managed appropriately?