Warwickshire's Vision for Bus Travel - Consultation

Closed 1 Feb 2022

Opened 4 Jan 2022

Feedback updated 25 Mar 2022

We asked

Following publication of the Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan in October 2021, a statutory consultation was carried out on the Warwickshire Enhanced Partnership (EP Plan); and Warwickshire EP Scheme 1.

You said

A total of 252 responses to the consultation were received, of which, 231 no. were from the public and 21 no. were from either statutory consultees, County Councillors, local organisations or businesses. The key highlights taken from the analysis of the consultation responses were as follows:

A total of 78.2% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with the vision for improving local bus travel in Warwickshire presented in the Warwickshire EP Plan;

A total of 8.8% of respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the vision for improving local bus travel in Warwickshire, with the key themes influencing their response being as follows:

  • The need for further improvements to bus service integration;
  • The need for bus services to be more reliable;
  • The need for improvements to bus information provision at bus stops;
  • The need for closer working links with neighbouring authorities including the West Midlands Combined Authority for those making cross boundary journeys from Warwickshire;
  • Bus travel was too expensive; and o Bus services need to be more frequent

In general, there was a strong level of support for each of the planned measures within EP Plan, i.e., more frequent and reliable bus services, cheaper and easier fares and provide a more comprehensive bus network, which is easier to understand and use.

A total of 64.3% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the draft EP Plan will improve local bus travel in Warwickshire, assuming all the planned measures can be delivered.

A total of 45.4% of the respondents were ‘not sure’ or ‘didn’t know’ whether they were happy that the processes and governance set out were adequate for delivering the EP Plan.

We did

On the 10 March 2022, WCC Cabinet considered a report which included the outcomes of the consultation. A series of recommendations were made in response to the feedback received through the consultation exercise. After receiving feedback from the DfT on the draft Warwickshire EP Plan, County Council officers will seek to include these recommendations when modifying the EP Plan in the phase of the action plan starting after the EP is brought into effect in April.

The recommendations included in the report were as follows:

  • Provide better emphasis and explanation of the vision and measures of the EP to the public;
  • Ensure that details of the EP governance are made clearer;
  • Provide more adequate representation of the public in the governance of the EP;
  • Continue focus on obtaining wider representation of different demographics and from different areas in future consultations;
  • Consider all relevant comments relating to the detail of different measures when developing future EP Schemes, including those received by statutory consultees;
  • An Equalities Impact Assessment should be undertaken on the current and future EP Scheme(s);
  • The Warwickshire Bus Network Review to consider location and times of trip generators;
  • Avoid introducing measures to restrict car use until a viable alternative is in place;
  • Ensure all future documents are easier to read and understand;
  • Continue regular dialogue with neighbouring authorities when developing EP Schemes, and include suggestions in future EP Schemes or a variation to the current EP Scheme;
  • Carefully weigh up the benefits of focusing investment in urban areas vs rural areas when deciding on the programme of improvements, and circulate the reasons for prioritisation of funds to County Councillors;
  • Review the targets for passenger satisfaction in the next revision of the Warwickshire BSIP;
  • Provide more clarity within the next revision of the EP Plan on how the Enhanced Partnership intends to consult users on how well the EP is working;
  • Seek legal advice throughout the development of measures and EP Schemes to ensure compliance with competition law.

After considering the report WCC Cabinet Cabinet made the following decions:

  1. Authorised the Strategic Director for Communities to make the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme by the end of April 2022.
  2. Authorised the Strategic Director for Communities to carry out the appropriate procedures to make the minor modifications to the Scheme mentioned in the report considered.
  3. Authorised the Strategic Director for Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, to make the further modifications to the Plan and Scheme mentioned in the report having consulted with the Department for Transport (DfT) and undertaken the necessary statutory consultations.
  4. Authorised the Strategic Director for Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, to submit the drafts of an Enhanced Partnership Scheme 2 and an Enhanced Partnership Scheme 3 to the DfT later in 2022-23 if he considers it appropriate in light of decisions on the award of external funding and negotiations with operators.

To read the consultation feedback report and other papers in full please click on this link.

Results updated 3 Mar 2022

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views.

A report on the consultation will be considerd by Warwickshire County Council Cabinet on Thurday 10th March, The report includes analysis of your feeedback and seeks approval for the County Council to make a Warwickshire EP Plan and (first) Warwickshire EP Scheme by the end of April 2022.

To read the report and analysis please click on the link to Information and Documents below. You can also use this link to access a webcast and recording of the meeting and read the minutes of the meeting.



Between July and September 2021 we asked stakeholders for their views on the improvements that need to be made to local bus services in Warwickshire. These helped to shape a Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) which was published in November 2021.

The BSIP sets out desired improvements to the bus network in response to the National Bus Strategy which, subject to funding, will encourage more use of the bus.

To help deliver the vision for bus travel in Warwickshire, the Council and bus operators have jointly prepared an Enhanced Partnership (EP) Plan and Scheme. The EP Plan sets out the overall vision and objectives to improve bus services, and the EP Scheme gives details on the actions we plan to take.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide more frequent buses.
  • Enable bus services to become faster and more reliable.
  • Offer ticketing solutions and fares which are cheaper for the user.
  • Provide a more comprehensive network.
  • Make the bus network easier to understand.
  • Make the bus network easier to use.
  • Provide a network which is better integrated.

The mechanism for delivering specific measures is through the EP Scheme, which is a legally binding commitment between WCC and bus operators. It is the first Scheme of this type and we expect further Schemes to follow later, subject to additional funding.  

The first Warwickshire EP Scheme includes the following measures: 

  • Implementing a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service. 
  • Setting ground rules for information provision. 
  • Developing a marketing campaign to encourage people to use the bus network. 
  • Investigating how bus reliability can be improved through enforcing parking restrictions and greater partnership working. 
  • Repositioning the bus as a priority transport mode in new housing developments and utilising income from developers in the most appropriate way. 
  • Maintaining the bus network until a network review is undertaken. 
  • Implementing a bus passenger charter. 
  • Undertaking feasibility studies into schemes to encourage users to reduce private car use and increase their use of bus services, such as Red Routes, Workplace Parking Levy and Road User Charging. 

Flowchart overview of National Bus Strategy requirements for local transport authorities. Shows BSIP as high level vision and key measures, underpinned by the Enhanced Partnership, the EP Plan (Vision) and EP Scheme(s)

Why your views matter

This consultation is an opportunity to comment on the Enhanced Partnership Plan and the first Enhanced Partnership Scheme.

In particular, we want to understand whether you think that the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme are appropriate and a good approach to achieving the vision outlined in the Bus Service Improvement Plan. 

To help you consider this, we have provided copies of the following information at the bottom of this webpage: 

  • Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan
  • Warwickshire Enhanced Partnership Plan 
  • Warwickshire Enhanced Partnership Scheme 
  • Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme Equality Impact Assessment 
  • Public Information Document 

How to take part

  • Click on the link below to complete the consultation online.
  • If you would like a paper copy of the consultation or need it in an alternative format, please contact us by phone on 01926 412395 or email contactcommunitiesgrp@warwickshire.gov.uk
  • If you need an Easy Read version of the consultation, please also contact us by phone on 01926 412395 or email contactcommunitiesgrp@warwickshire.gov.uk

What happens next

Once the consultation closes, we will carefully consider all feedback received and prepare a consultation report. This report will summarise the key themes and consider whether the final EP Plan and EP Scheme can be adopted with or without modifications.   

The documents will be considered by Cabinet on Thursday 10 March 2022 to formally agree the County Council entering an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators by 1 April 2022 to deliver the measures in the first EP Scheme.  Future EP Schemes are currently under development and, subject to funding being available, will be the subject of similar consultation in future.

The report to County Council Cabinet will be made available at https://democracy.warwickshire.gov.uk approximately 5 working days before the meeting.


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