Fitter Futures Warwickshire Consultation

Closed 6 Jul 2018

Opened 29 May 2018

Feedback updated 25 Sep 2018

We asked

The purpose of the consultation was the following:

  • To hear views and ideas from Warwickshire residents, customers, partners and key stakeholders about the current Fitter Futures Warwickshire services and what the services should look like in the future.

The Fitter Futures Warwickshire services commenced on 01 July 2015 and comprise of  a Single Point of Access (one website and one telephone number), a Weight Management on Referral service (Slimming World), Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyles on Referral Service and Family Healthy Lifestyle service (Change Makers).

This consultation was held during a 5.5 week period (29th May and 6th July 2018).

You said

The following items were submitted during the consultation:-

  • 172 responses in total
  • 92% survey forms were submitted online;
  • 8% survey forms were postal

The key themes expressed by Health Professionals and the general population were as follows:

  • The majority (80%) of respondents said they would like a single point of access for the FFW services.
  • The most popular FFW service was the Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyles service (69%), followed by walking groups/opportunities (55%) and thirdly, exercise opportunities in the community (53%).
  • 38% of respondents stated they would like specialist strength and balance exercise opportunities for age 55 and over - this may be to do with the age profile of the respondents.
  • The top three options for services being delivered were in a group environment (61%), one to one basis with an exercise instructor (60%) and support via a smartphone app (25%).
  • The majority of respondents (90%) would like to be referred to the services via a GP or other health professionals (73%). Nearly half of the respondents said they would like a mental health professional to refer them into FFW.
  • Both the general public and health professionals stated a FFW service in a leisure centre, community centre and walking for health as the top 3 venues.
  • 30% of respondents would be willing to pay £11-£20 for a service. 21% of the public stated they would not pay anything for a service.
  • 35.47% respondents said they would like a social element incorporated into their FFW service whilst 24.42% answered “no they wouldn’t want this”. Most would like this in the form of formal meetups.
  • 28.5% of respondents would want information on other healthy lifestyle services whilst attending a FFW service. Whilst 30.2% said they would not want additional information beyond the service.
  • Both the general public and health professionals would like additional pathways and services to be incorporated within the community in the future model. Clear and simple referral pathways were highlighted as a key factor alongside 1-2-1 and group programme options.

We did

The outcomes of the consultation were included in reports to Warwickshire County Council Cabinet, whereby the proposed Fitter Futures models were endorsed:

  • To continue to have a Single Point of Access with one telephone number, one website and one point of entry for referrers.
  • To continue to commission the delivery of FFW services, integrate strength and balance preventing a first fall programmes, develop an evidence based seated exercise offer in communities, including care homes, enhance walking and community exercise opportunities.
  • To deliver the services in group sessions and enhance the offer of one to one delivery options, virtual support, mobile phone text support and digital self- help tools and Smartphone Apps.
  • Develop services so that there is an increase in referrals from mental health professionals, social care workers, teachers and early years staff, occupational health and workplace managers as well as from health professionals and minimise the current barriers that prevent this.
  • Increase service delivery opportunities using other leisure opportunities, community venues, hotel fitness facilities, outdoor green gyms, fire station gyms, workplaces, in the home and in care and residential settings.
  • Work with service providers and leisure centres to set realistic pricing structures and subsidise services rather than offer them free of charge or set too high.

Reports considered by Cabinet including the full consultation report are available on the main consultation web page.

Results updated 20 Sep 2018

The outcome of the consultation process and theequality impact assessment for the service were considered by Warwickshire County Council Cabinet on September 13th 2018. The report considered by Cabinet is available below and includes the full report on consultation feedback.

Cabinet approved the proposed new model for Fitter Futures Warwickshire (FFW) services based on the findings from the consultation process and approved proceeding with an appropriate procurement process for a Fitter Futures Warwickshire framework of providers.



Warwickshire County Council (WCC) Public Health currently commission Fitter Futures Warwickshire.

This consultation provides an opportunity to share your views and experiences about the Fitter Futures Warwickshire services and comment on possible future provision. The findings will be used to shape the new services which will be implemented in 2019.

We value your input to ensure the services meet your needs and want to hear your views as a Warwickshire resident, a key partner or a stakeholder.

About Fitter Futures

The countywide Fitter Futures Warwickshire services are coordinated by Nuneaton and Bedworth Leisure Trust. The  aim of the services are to support the population of Warwickshire to improve their health through maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthily, become physically more active and having a healthier lifestyle.

The services offer families, children, young people and adults a choice of evidence based opportunities which provide weight management and/or physical activity support. To cater for all age ranges, the Fitter Futures services are as follows:

  • Family Weight Management Service (Change Makers) is a free 9 week healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and physical activity programme for families who have at least one child aged 4-12 who is overweight.

  • Young People and Adult Weight Management on Referral. This service provides a free 12 week programme of weight management support to young people aged 11-15 and adults aged 16+.

  • Young People and Adult Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyles on Referral (previously known as Exercise on Referral). This service provides a 12 week programme of physical activity/healthy lifestyle support to young people aged 12-16 and adults aged 16+. 



For more information visit:

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their views.

All feedback will be analysed and a full consultation analysis report written. This will inform a report seeking approval to tender which will be considered by Warwickshire County Council Cabinet on September 13th.

Documents, including the consultation report will be published on Warwickshire County Council's committee management system.

This webpage will also be updated following the Cabinet decision.


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